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Ken Kaminski President kenkaminski@
Brent Steepe Vice President brentsteepe@
Joe Yalicki Creative joe@
Ryan Dubowsky Creative ryan@
Sam Shoyer Creative sam@
Hamish Haridas Creative hamish@
Cooper Stock Support cooper@
Emily Clarke Support emily@
Matt Edwards Creative matt@
John McNaughton Consultant john@
Ken Kaminski

President, Departments Director, Designer
National Director, Lvl2 Mentor Inventor, Manager
Developer, Detailer Web Designer
Systems Developer Vision Support
Ken Kaminski began playing Ultimate in the Summer of 2007 and found leadership opportunity in organizing his high school Ultimate club. Attending Kettering University in 2009, Ken quickly worked on establishing a team, pursuing varsity status and full funding granted 2.5 years later. As a growing mechanical engineer, he started Aero Ultimate as a simple outlet of his ideas like the SkyLight. Nearing December 2013 graduation with USA Ultimate and AUDL experiences as well, Ken set out to reform Aero to provide meaning to Ultimate's future. Ken's talents and passion can be found in almost eveything Aero produces while he coaches Kettering and volunteers for USA Ultimate as a College National Director.
Brent Steepe

Vice President, Marketing Director,
Program Developer Service Networking
Brent Steepe began his involvement with Ultimate from a unique approach in 2010. With word of mouth that a professional league was starting, Brent was quickly inspired to purchase a franchise of the AUDL with a team vision to encourage local youth to live active lifestyles. Brent has been serving in the fitness industry for over 22 years with two degrees in Biomechanics and Exercise Science from Michigan State University. He has worked with all ages and skill levels, from youth sports to NBA, NFL, MLB franchises. After collaborating with Ken Kaminski within the Detroit Mechanix for some time, the pair agreed to go beyond and provide specialized training services to Ultimate players worldwide. Brent wears many hats within Aero as a minority owner as he juggles many endeavors to put true fitness back on the forefront. Prepare to be amazed if you ask any question!
Joe Yalicki

Marketing Assistent
Joe has always been passionate about Athletics. Growing up in Vermont he played soccer, basketball, and ran track, only touching a disc during summer-time pickup or during a round of disc golf. As a Freshman at The University of New Hampshire, Joe went out for the Ultimate team and soon began playing as much as possible. Joe discovered Aero shortly after graduating while looking for a way to combine his love for sports with his studies in Business and Marketing. Joe has volunteered in the Universal Ultimate and Marketing Department since November 2013 and is really excited about the bright future.
Ryan Dubowsky

Accounts Administrator
College Mens Administrator, Lvl1 Mentor Developer
Ryan Dubowsky started his Ultimate career in the summer of 2007 playing pickup in parking lots. He then moved on to pursue his undergraduate degree at State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz where he was introduced to competitive Ultimate by a single Junior who was charged with the task of teaching twenty-odd clueless freshmen how to throw a forehand. Ryan, along with a few other people in his rookie class, took over the program which has now survived past all of their tenures. In the meantime, Ryan has captained Ultimate teams at the regionals level in both College and Club (not to mention his Summer League title!) as well as coached SUNY Albany, where he now is pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science. Additionally, Ryan is a board member of Albany Ultimate Disc Association (AUDA), his local Ultimate organization. As for Aero, Ryan works not only to make sure the website runs smoothly but also develops content in Universal Ultimate.
Sam Shoyer

Department Director
Sam's passion for ultimate began while attending summer camp in Palmer, Massachusetts. He now captains the Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School Ultimate Team (MD) and coaches a local middle school team. He is heavily involved in the DC Area youth ultimate community and is a proud member of the Washington Area Flying Disc Club (WAFC).
Hamish Haridas

Graphic Designer
Hamish came across Ultimate in Sept 2010 when starting his Masters in Glasgow University. Joining FarFlung and Glasgow Ultimate, he soon took up active roles in recruitment, coaching, organizing tournaments and graphic designing. Self-motivated and results driven, he took initiative in organizing extra fitness and training sessions to help develop himself and the clubs. The Glasgow teams were instrumental in his development both as a player and as a person, and now in Dubai, he wants to give back to the sport by helping promote and develop Ultimate there. After Dubai’s successful bid to host WCBU 2015, Hamish is aiming to assist with its organization.
Cooper Stock

Project Organizer, HR Outreach Manager
Unable to throw a ball, Cooper learned how to throw a disc at a very young age. He became very active in varsity soccer and track throughout his educational career. Those skills became useful in college when he found a loyal group of Ultimate players and built a following as president of the club. At graduation, an Ultimate team had been formed and the club had a following of almost half of campus. Cooper uses his leadership skills and unique ability to see strengths in people to help Aero pave the way for a successful future. Cooper is working as the HR Outreach Manager while he runs a Lodge in beautiful Northern Michigan.
Emily Clarke

Creative Journalist, HR Outreach Manager
Emily Clarke was introduced to Ultimate her freshman year of college, and fell in love with it. Playing throughout her college years, she participated in the creation of an Ultimate team on campus. Having graduated with a degree in creative writing and studio art, Emily brings a sense of joy and passion to her activities. Having found this company by a stroke of luck, she is excited to bring that passion, creativity, and love for Ultimate to her work for Aero. She balances working for Aero with helping run a lodge in beautiful northern Michigan.
Matt Edwards

Content Manager, Research Analyst
Matt developed a passion for a variety of sports at a very young age. Growing up in Northern California, he played Football, Basketball, Tennis, and swam competitively. During his sophomore year of college, he discovered Ultimate and fell in love with it immediately. Matt dedicated himself to the sport and helped promote the growth of an Ultimate team on campus. Since then he has moved to St. Louis and still plays Ultimate regularly. Matt hopes to bring his communication and anlytical skills to help Aero develop a better foundation for Ultimate. Matt is working as a Research Analyst while pursuing a career in film and entertainment.
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